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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Week 44

Monday 14 December
Tuesday 15 December
Gym after work
Normal routine, except gave in & did one of my shoulder press reps at 30lbs rather than 40 since it's been about 4 weeks since I last wne tot the gym. Made the mistake of scoffing two sheese twists before I went though, which made me feel like I needed to heave.
Also added some assisted pull ups at the end of the session.
Wedensday 16 December
Headed down the Nottingham climbing wall after work. Was nice to get there early before the crowds arrived. Challenging myself to climb alone - I managed 1 1/2 hrs :) Did about 20 boulder problems, up to Eng Trad 5a+ (strange grading system used at my local wall!)
Thursday 17 December
Run, 4 miles after work
Friday 18 December
Gym before work
Saturday 19 December
Sunday 20 December
I'm going to try keeping a real life, written in a note book, training diary for 2010 - we'll see how that goes.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Week 43

Monday 7 December
Run 2 miles - including intervals along L'brough Rd
Tuesday 8 December
Wednesday 9 December
Thursday 10 December
Climbing @ the wall - lost so much finger strength :(
Friday 11 December
Saturday 12 December
Climbing @ The Works in Sheffield. Good session, did plenty of problems and caught my first proper dyno :)
Sunday 13 December

Friday, 11 December 2009

Week 42

Still convalescing. Allowed to run this week though, so

Thursday 3 December
4 mile run

that's all folks

Friday, 27 November 2009

Week 41

Convalescing, nothing to report.

Week 1 of 4 weeks recovery after laser eye surgery. Next week I'l be allowed back on my bike! Expect biking to take place. Running comes back into the mix the week after.

Am I being driven nuts by inactivity? Not quite, not yet.

Week 40

Monday 16 November
Run after work - try out my new neon pink hi vis vest. Smooth.
Tuesday 17 November
Wednesday 18 November
Climbing at the Wall in Nottingham - surprisingly unmotivated, probably due to impending laser eye surgery & subsequent weeks off that'll be required.
Thursday 19 November
Laser eye surgery - no action for a while.
Friday 20 November
Saturday 21 November
Sunday 22 November

Monday, 16 November 2009

Week 39

Monday 9 November
Short run before work, first ground frost. Took a while to warm up, but was enjoyable.
Tuesday 10 November
Gym after work. What a sweat fest - so many overheating people - morning as so much quieter.
Anyway, had a good work out, 35s on shoulder press and ab curls, 45s on chest press, 7s on free weights and 75 on ab machine. I think that the free weights are in kgs, the rest are in lbs.
Wednesday 11 November
Climb down the wall - did some nice new problems. Grades at the Nottingham wall are so arbritrary there's no point 'claiming' them - they need to sort that out!
Thursday 12 November
Lunchtime run, 3.5 miles. Down the river and back via the canal towpath. Started off too fast & had a stitch half the way round, must pace myself better.
Friday 13 November
Saturday 14 November
Climbing at the Edge, Sheffield with Claire. Led a few 5+s and a 6a, top roped a couple of 6as. Lost my tooth.
Sunday 15 November
Bouldering at Burbage North with Loz & Gareth. Did a few nice slabby problems, but was suffering from lack of interest and achey wrists.