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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Week 24

Monday 27 July

Tuesday 28 July
Climbing @ the Wall, 2 hours. Ticked one of the problems I'd been working on. Took the younger sibling of a friend down with me, and climbed with her all evening. Super workout, we did loads of problems, just easier ones than normal.

Wednesday 29 July
Gym - workout felt too easy, which was a surprise after some time off. Will up the weights & distance next time.

Thursday 30 July
Climbing @ the Wall, 2 hours. Managed to do a nice problem in two parts, but failed to link them which was a shame. Also started on a new project on some little green holdes - need courage to pop for the next hand hold despite the slimy left foot I'm balancing on.

Friday 1 August

Saturday 2 August
Walking down the Strid, near Bolton Abbey. Rainy

Sunday 3 August
Climbing in Yorks, Colsterdate. Great views. Problems felt hard for the grade. Blame the heat.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Week 23

Monday 20 July
Gym before work - no tredmills so had to use the running simulator (which isn't the same as the cross trainer) very strange sensation.

Tuesday 21 July
Run 4 miles before work

Wednesday 22 July

Thursday 23 July
Climb @ the Wall.
Definitley missed my old callouses, finger tips were epicly sore!

Friday 24 July
? have forgotten if I did anything on Friday

Saturday 25 July
Headed to Sutton-on-Sea/Sandilands for a day of surfing, however the swell forgot to turn up, so it was mostly a day of relaxing in the sun.

Sunday 26 July
Climbing @ the Wall, felt better & stronger than on Thursday. Finger tips had recovered slightly! Also did some core & rings exercises.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Week 22

Monday 13 July

Tuesday 14 July
Suffering from a bit of malaise recently. Not as much motivation to train, maybe because I know I've passed my ladder lift now, and can relax for a couple of days. Must remind self that it's ok to have 'down time'. Dragged self out of bed early this am to head to the gym, but no clean sports bra available, so will have to see if I can revisit that motivation after work this eve. If not gym then a run - more fun. Better sound track.

Task -
Outline training plan for the rest of the week in red
Record actual training in black

gym pm
Gym @ 5:30

Wednesday 15 July
run am
Ran 3ish miles, early start, big hill, very tired.

Thursday 16 July
Fingerboard session - 1 hour ish
Gym for 30 min session, slightly contracted run time & no free weights

Friday 17 July

Saturday 18 July
Run, 4 miles ish. Not my best time. Must run more - so out of shape.

Sunday 19 July

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Week 21

Monday 6 July

Tuesday 7 July

Wednesday 8 July
Run - 4.3 miles

Thursday 9 July

Friday 10 July

Saturday 11 July

Sunday 12 July
Climbing @ Stanage Plantation. Grit stone ragged my finger tips. Ticked a problem that had been hanging over me for a while, and a nice thuggy overhanging problem with a great flake.

But went home unsatisfied.

Finding it frustrating that my progress isn't faster. I started climbing 'properly' 10 months ago, but I feel set-back by my girly physique. Not nessescarily rational - I am SO much stronger than I was 10 months ago, and I'm comparing myself the some of the biggest beasts in the county, nay country, when it comes to my climbing friends. Focus on the + and don't let one day's frustration & self-doubt take that away.