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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Week 44

Monday 14 December
Tuesday 15 December
Gym after work
Normal routine, except gave in & did one of my shoulder press reps at 30lbs rather than 40 since it's been about 4 weeks since I last wne tot the gym. Made the mistake of scoffing two sheese twists before I went though, which made me feel like I needed to heave.
Also added some assisted pull ups at the end of the session.
Wedensday 16 December
Headed down the Nottingham climbing wall after work. Was nice to get there early before the crowds arrived. Challenging myself to climb alone - I managed 1 1/2 hrs :) Did about 20 boulder problems, up to Eng Trad 5a+ (strange grading system used at my local wall!)
Thursday 17 December
Run, 4 miles after work
Friday 18 December
Gym before work
Saturday 19 December
Sunday 20 December
I'm going to try keeping a real life, written in a note book, training diary for 2010 - we'll see how that goes.