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Friday, 27 November 2009

Week 41

Convalescing, nothing to report.

Week 1 of 4 weeks recovery after laser eye surgery. Next week I'l be allowed back on my bike! Expect biking to take place. Running comes back into the mix the week after.

Am I being driven nuts by inactivity? Not quite, not yet.

Week 40

Monday 16 November
Run after work - try out my new neon pink hi vis vest. Smooth.
Tuesday 17 November
Wednesday 18 November
Climbing at the Wall in Nottingham - surprisingly unmotivated, probably due to impending laser eye surgery & subsequent weeks off that'll be required.
Thursday 19 November
Laser eye surgery - no action for a while.
Friday 20 November
Saturday 21 November
Sunday 22 November

Monday, 16 November 2009

Week 39

Monday 9 November
Short run before work, first ground frost. Took a while to warm up, but was enjoyable.
Tuesday 10 November
Gym after work. What a sweat fest - so many overheating people - morning as so much quieter.
Anyway, had a good work out, 35s on shoulder press and ab curls, 45s on chest press, 7s on free weights and 75 on ab machine. I think that the free weights are in kgs, the rest are in lbs.
Wednesday 11 November
Climb down the wall - did some nice new problems. Grades at the Nottingham wall are so arbritrary there's no point 'claiming' them - they need to sort that out!
Thursday 12 November
Lunchtime run, 3.5 miles. Down the river and back via the canal towpath. Started off too fast & had a stitch half the way round, must pace myself better.
Friday 13 November
Saturday 14 November
Climbing at the Edge, Sheffield with Claire. Led a few 5+s and a 6a, top roped a couple of 6as. Lost my tooth.
Sunday 15 November
Bouldering at Burbage North with Loz & Gareth. Did a few nice slabby problems, but was suffering from lack of interest and achey wrists.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Week 38

Monday 2 November
Run after work - about 4 miles
Tuesday 3 November
Wednesday 4 November
Climb down the wall - repeated a load of nice problems.
Ring training - wide push ups, jackknifes, pull ups
Core - fit ball sit ups, dorsal raises, left and right crunches
Thursday 5 November
Friday 6 November
Driving up to Northumberland after work
Saturday 7 November
Bouldering at Bowden Doors, did the lightbuld (F6a) and my project on scoopy block (F6b)
Happy to get my first F6b!
Did a few quality problems, and tried a few more. Lack of lunch severly affected afternoons power potential - must pay more attention to eating properly in the future.
Sunday 8 November
Rained in the morning, took L for a look round Kyloe in the Woods - just as impressed as I had thought he would be. There was definite dampness in the air, trees holding moisture so we didn't stay and climb. Ended up at Hepburn where I did a few easy problems but my last were suffering a bit from Saturday. Another place to revisit.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Week 37

Monday 26 October
Rest day

Tuesday 27 October
Gym before work

Wednesday 28 October
Climb @ the wall, nice and quiet, did some good problems

Thursday 29 October
Run before work - 4+ miles

Friday 30 October
Bouldering @ the wall, Fridays are best. Flashed some nice problems, completed a couple of mini projects.

Saturday 31 October
Rest day

Sunday 1 November
Climb @ the Edge, on sighted a 6a, did some nice 5s and 5+s. Tired myself out completly.