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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Week 1

Monday 16 Feb

Ran 1 mile to work
Ran 1.5 miles home

Climb @ Unit for 2 hours
first time on the small wooden crimps - was surprised I made it off the ground!

Tuesday 17 Feb

Ran 4 miles
Had achey thighs from running on Monday and not stretching. Stupid arch raising insoles rubbed under my arch and meant that I had to walk the last 1/2 mile. Need some new trainers.

Core execrises & pull ups
Half hearted attempt - probably not worth my bothering.

Wednesday 18 Feb

Climbing wall session - 3 hours.
Got another move on my problem on the 45o in the basement, and flashed some nice problems that were put up for the uni comp.
Frustatingly didn't manage the organge problem on the arch (not enough lock off strength) nor the yellow on the slab (holding the volume open handed just seems to cane my wrist)

Thursday 19 Feb


Friday 20 Feb

Went for a run after work - excruciating stitch. Hopelessly unfit feeling. Not good. Struggled about 1 mile before going home! Did some core (sit ups, dishes etc)

Saturday 21 Feb

Couple of hours climbing at Shipley Glen in Leeds. Some nice easy stuff. Went through two tips in my exhuberance. Also sporting grazed legs and arms.

Sunday 22 Feb

Managed to give myself concussion. Nurses advice? No stenuous exercise for 2-3 days.

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