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Monday, 23 February 2009

Week 2

Monday 23 Feb

Training might be a bit light this week (see prev post re concussion).
Will be going to be early tonight after overdoing it a bit on the booze this weekend.

Tuesday 24 Feb

Back on track today, decided not to go down the wall, but to turn the house into a home gym instead.
5 x reps of 20 sit ups
4 x reps of 10 push ups (something I have to work on, I'm crap at these)
4/5? x reps of 20 bicep curls with 16kg weights
4/5? x reps of 20 shoulder presses with 16kg weights
some (token) leg lifts
some dorsal raises

Also set up the pulley so I can train assisted pull ups - managed 3 with some cobbled together weights found strewn throughnout the house. Not sure how much they weighed in at in the end...
Also did a few reps of single pull ups, both grips.

Sound track?
Police interceptors
Traffic Cops
Real Rescues

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