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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Week 15

Monday 25 May
Climbing @ Pleasley Vale 2-3 hours

3 sets of 5 bicep curls 16kg
3 sets of shoulder presses 16 kg
2 sets of 10 fit ball dorsal raises, 1 set of 15
3 sets of 10 fit ball crunches
3 sets of 20 crunch twists
3 sets of 10 press ups (on knees)
2 sets of resistance leg raises, to fatigue
(Lie on your back with your partner stood at your shoulders. Holding onto your partners ankles lift you legs striahgt into the air, keeping them straight. Your partner then firmly pushes your legs back down to the ground, to the side etc, in a random pattern)
10 side leg raises
(Lie on your back with your arms out to the side like a cross. Lift your legs into the air keeping them straight. Lower your legs to the left, keeping them at right angles to your body, keeping your shoulders on the floor. Raise, Repeat on the right. Repeat.)
2 fingertip pull ups on the Beastmaker

*chest cramp*

Tuesday 26 May
bleep test (level 8.4)
run - 3 miles
pull ups

Wednesday 27 May
weights and core

Thursday 28 May

Friday 29 May
Saturday 30 May
Sunday 31 May
3 mile run, max speed uphill. Internvals between lamposts for 1+ mile (jog/sprint)

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