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Monday, 8 June 2009

Week 17

Monday 8 June
4 mile run. Was meant to be a short run to ease myself back in after a week off.
Confirmed the need for running socks though - best to beat blisters.
Weird sharp pain in left shoulder.

20 sit ups (bench)
20 dorsal raises (fit ball)

Tuesday 9 June
20 sit ups (foot under door hook thing)
20 crunches
2 reps of 5 bicep curls (16kg)
2 reps of 4 shoulder presses (16kg)
plank (epic fail at the...)
press ups (weak effort, felt hard today)
some pull ups.

Wednesday 10 June
4.5 mile run - completed in under 30 minutes!

Thursday 11 June

Friday 12 June

Drove to Pembrokshire

Saturday 13 June

Day of surfing.

Sunday 14 June
Day of surfing.

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