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Friday, 26 June 2009

Week 19

Monday 22 June
off work sick

Tuesday 23 June
still too off-colour to do anything

Wednesday 24 June
still not right

Thursday 25 June
5x5 12kg curls and presses
*Joined the gym*

Friday 26 June
Gym induction/programme:
  • 10 mins walking 2.5mpg
  • 10 mins running 6 mph
  • 3x8 shoulder press (30 pounds?)
  • 3x10 ab curl (65 pounds?)
  • 3x8 bicep curl (30 pounds?)
  • 3x8 press w/ shoulder rotation (6kg each arm)
  • 3x8 chest press (weight?)
  • 10 mins crosstrainer warm down

Saturday 27 June
Gym (programme as above)
Cycle 4 miles
Walk 5 miles+

Sunday 28 June
@ Horborough Rocks, couple of solos, boudler problems & a few routes
@ Intake Quarry, second 1 sport route, failed to second 2 add sport routes (too tired!)
Cycle approx 3-4 miles

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