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Monday, 16 November 2009

Week 39

Monday 9 November
Short run before work, first ground frost. Took a while to warm up, but was enjoyable.
Tuesday 10 November
Gym after work. What a sweat fest - so many overheating people - morning as so much quieter.
Anyway, had a good work out, 35s on shoulder press and ab curls, 45s on chest press, 7s on free weights and 75 on ab machine. I think that the free weights are in kgs, the rest are in lbs.
Wednesday 11 November
Climb down the wall - did some nice new problems. Grades at the Nottingham wall are so arbritrary there's no point 'claiming' them - they need to sort that out!
Thursday 12 November
Lunchtime run, 3.5 miles. Down the river and back via the canal towpath. Started off too fast & had a stitch half the way round, must pace myself better.
Friday 13 November
Saturday 14 November
Climbing at the Edge, Sheffield with Claire. Led a few 5+s and a 6a, top roped a couple of 6as. Lost my tooth.
Sunday 15 November
Bouldering at Burbage North with Loz & Gareth. Did a few nice slabby problems, but was suffering from lack of interest and achey wrists.

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