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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Week 11

Monday 27 April
Wii fit. Apparently my 'Wii Fit age' is 37. This is not good news, I'm 26. Will have another go and report back on (hopefully) drastic age loss.

Tuesday 28 April
Climbing wall 2 1/2 hours

Wednesday 29 April
Climbing @ Trent Bridge. Very fingery.
Ran down (1 mile) climber for about 1/2 hour before everyone decamped to pub.
1 pint, ran home.

Thursday 30 April

Friday 1 May
Drove up to Northumberland

Saturday 2 May
Routing at Bowden doors - 5 routes, VS-HVS.
Bouldering at Back Bowden Doors - got first 6a outside. Traverse, flashed.

Sunday 3 May
Kyloe Crag, routing. 4 routes HS-HVS. Led a S.
Kyloe in the woods, messed about on a 6b undercling traverse, Funs, but too battered to do anything.

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