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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Week 9

Monday 13 April
Slacklining for a couple of hours with V&M

Tuesday 14 April
Run, 3.5 miles. Flipping stitch again. Even after I made a special effort to concentrate on breathing, and trying to run sower. I think they may be linked to dehydration?

Wednesday 15 April
Climb down the Unit, 2-2.5 hours. 1/2 time spent on 15o, other half at 30o. Managed to do several warm ups on the 30o angle. Callouses hurt from the holds though. Endurance core workout. Amazingly no stomach muscle ache the day afterwards.

Thursday 16 April

Friday 17 April
Run: 3.5/4 miles. Made sure I ran slower this time, which paid off. Easily cruised the distance, no stitches or breathlessness - had more 'go' left at the end of the run (shame I had jobs to do so couldn't really push it). Pretty pleased with that.

Saturday 18 April

Sunday 19 April

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