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Monday, 17 August 2009

Week 27

Monday 17 August
Climb @ the Unit. 2 hours. Trying a Font 6b problem, with a nice throw for a hold on the volume, will have that next time I go down.

Tuesday 18 August

Wednesday 19 August
Run, approx 2 miles. Death on a stick. Hill, massive stitch, overwhelming & unbeatable. Ended up walking, out for 30 minutes. Disaster. Resolve to run daily, short runs, with hills.

Loosing your fitness, so quickly, is so demoralising.

Thursday 20 August
Run (same route as yesterday). Not as bad this morning. 25 minutes (including a stop for a chat with someone I know). Almost got a stitch, but ran the whole way. It's becoming clear : hills kill me. More training required.

Side note: Since I started 'paying attention' to my gait & breathing, running has become harder. I can't not pay attention now though - even though it's hindering rather than helping things.

Friday 21 August
Run. 4 ish miles after work. Felt a little bit like I was going to get a stitch, but my slow plodding along seemed to assuage that. Felt a bit unworked afterwards. Need to push myself harder next time. Knee/shin giving a bit of jip though.

Saturday 22 August
Gym am. Normal routine, except 5 mins on treadmill & cross trainer before and after instead of 10 on treadmill at the start and 10 on crosstrainer at the end.
Also added some extra weights using the 12kg bar, just 2 sets of 8 curls and 2 sets of 8 shoulder presses.

Sunday 23 August
Bike ride, not far, probably 7 miles. Kite flying, deer stalking, pop drinking and lolly ice eating. Fun.

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