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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Week 33

Monday 28 September
Gym quick session - 5 min run, basic weights routine, 5 min run

Taking it easy after biking on the weekend, and because this if first time back at the gym after 4 weeks off! How did that happen?!

Tuesday 29 September

Wednesday 30 September
Run 4.5 miles. Stitch after about 3 miles, epic. From running too fast. Recovery after about 1/3 mile, and manage to run all the way home (wee, wee, wee...)

Thursday 1 October
Day off. Olives, jaffa cakes and pineapple juice for dinner.

Friday 2 October

Saturday 3 October
Bouldering at Roche Abbey in Yorkshire. Took a while to get into, but once there, good and knackering.

Sunday 4 October

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