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Monday, 26 October 2009

Week 36

Monday 19 October
too tired - rest day

Tuesday 20 October
Run - 3-4 miles, first night time run of the season, included motobikes on the river footpath.

Wednesday 21 October
Climbing @ the wall
Still tired from the weekend I think. Need to either treat the wall as a 'gym' ie get in get out training venue, or rediscover some psyche for the smeggy hell (might be impossible?)

Useful tip gained today from friend who is massively strong climber, on the inconsistency sometimes experience when training: we're not robots, travelling on a constant incline to massive power, some days we're up, some days we're down - performance changes.

Thursday 22 October
Gym - happy to report that I upped all me weights by at least 5kgs and still crushed.

Friday 23 October
Run before work - difficult to drag myself out into a dark dawn, but it was a great run once I got going. New playlist featuring punk rock. Frustrating MP3 player which does not know the meaning of 'random'. Need a new training player.

Saturday 24 October
Climbing @ the Edge in Sheffield. Led 6 routes, ranging 5 to 6a (or 6b?) So pumped, no stamia for long problems!

Sunday 25 October
Bouldering @ Burbage North & Higger Tor. Did about 7 problems, attempted 10. Fingers wailing, went through 3 tips!

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