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Monday, 19 October 2009

Week 35

Monday 12 October
Climb @ the unit.

Tuesday 13 October
Run, about 4.5 miles?
Nice and steady, couldn've kept on truckin' for a whole while longer.

Wednesday 14 October

Thursday 15 October
Climb @ the wall

Friday 16 October
Gym before work - upped all my weights by 5lbs, still pretty do-able, will stick with this for a few weeks and add another 5lbs.
Side note: so many men at the gym over strain, and instead of using the eqipment to isolate and work certain muscle groups put their shoulders, back etc into bicep curls or something else. You need to lift lighter weights chaps.

Saturday 17 October

Sunday 18 October
Bouldering at the Plantation, Stanage, Derbyshire. Good temps, great friction - until it got too cold for comfort & we had to retreat indoors for cups of tea and cake.

Managed the grit rash my calf heel hooking on the 5+ overhanging traverse right next to the path to the Business boulder (Crozzle boulder?). Repeated a lot of stuff I've done before, but didn't tick anything else new.

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