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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Week 5

Monday 16th March

Climbing @ the wall - 2 1/2 hours , success on the stepped overhang with the yellow & blacks. Too tired after that to get the pink and black though - much brushing required of the smeggy holds. Also ticked the green crimpy problem on the slab (with inclusion of ledge and 1 extra hold that some might have said was out...)

Tuesday 17th March

5 mile run - excellent, playlist was perfect. Felt super psyched.
Only issue is with my trainers. Even with tape on the arches of my feet the insoles are still rubbing and causing blisters. Need to investigate some new trainers if am going to up my mileage.

Wednesday 18th March

Pull ups training:
6 reps of 5 assisted pull ups - 3 of each grip
got quite bored...

Thursday 19th March

5 mile run (a treat saved from yesterday)
Decided to do it without the insoles in because had run out of foot tape - not going to do that again. Knees feeling ok now, but drastically reduced my technique/style. Felt like I was lumbering along.

Did some core and push ups while neighbours was on ;)

Friday 20th March


Saturday 21st March

Climbing @ Burbage South. Very unfulfilling. Didn't get any of the (harder) problems I tried on the sheep or the tank. Went through 1 tip and was critical with 4 others. Left feeling shitty.

Sunday 22nd March

Went for a run, slightly longer than the usual. Stupid new taping system didn't work (note to self, revert to old system).
Did some pull up training:
* 3 sets of 2 pull ups unassisted.
* 6 sets of 5 pull ups assisted (both grips).

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