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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Week 6

Monday 23 March

no climbing or running - sore fingers from the weekend, sore feet from the weekend.

Tuesday 24 March

some pull ups - easily doing reps of 2 pull ups unassisted now :) Did rep of 3 today.

Wednesday 25 March


Thursday 26 March

Friday 27 March
climbing @ the Unit. Practicing lock offs and reach throughs. Got some new problems using the wooden holds.

Saturday 28 March
cycled around, into town etc.

Sunday 29 March
routes @ High Ned end of Stanage. First time I've actually roped up at that crag! Did some nice VS, HS and HVS's. Frustrated when I fell off the crux on a HVS 5b. Should've done that easily. Need to improve my route reading skills.

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