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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Week 21

Monday 6 July

Tuesday 7 July

Wednesday 8 July
Run - 4.3 miles

Thursday 9 July

Friday 10 July

Saturday 11 July

Sunday 12 July
Climbing @ Stanage Plantation. Grit stone ragged my finger tips. Ticked a problem that had been hanging over me for a while, and a nice thuggy overhanging problem with a great flake.

But went home unsatisfied.

Finding it frustrating that my progress isn't faster. I started climbing 'properly' 10 months ago, but I feel set-back by my girly physique. Not nessescarily rational - I am SO much stronger than I was 10 months ago, and I'm comparing myself the some of the biggest beasts in the county, nay country, when it comes to my climbing friends. Focus on the + and don't let one day's frustration & self-doubt take that away.

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