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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Week 22

Monday 13 July

Tuesday 14 July
Suffering from a bit of malaise recently. Not as much motivation to train, maybe because I know I've passed my ladder lift now, and can relax for a couple of days. Must remind self that it's ok to have 'down time'. Dragged self out of bed early this am to head to the gym, but no clean sports bra available, so will have to see if I can revisit that motivation after work this eve. If not gym then a run - more fun. Better sound track.

Task -
Outline training plan for the rest of the week in red
Record actual training in black

gym pm
Gym @ 5:30

Wednesday 15 July
run am
Ran 3ish miles, early start, big hill, very tired.

Thursday 16 July
Fingerboard session - 1 hour ish
Gym for 30 min session, slightly contracted run time & no free weights

Friday 17 July

Saturday 18 July
Run, 4 miles ish. Not my best time. Must run more - so out of shape.

Sunday 19 July

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