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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Week 24

Monday 27 July

Tuesday 28 July
Climbing @ the Wall, 2 hours. Ticked one of the problems I'd been working on. Took the younger sibling of a friend down with me, and climbed with her all evening. Super workout, we did loads of problems, just easier ones than normal.

Wednesday 29 July
Gym - workout felt too easy, which was a surprise after some time off. Will up the weights & distance next time.

Thursday 30 July
Climbing @ the Wall, 2 hours. Managed to do a nice problem in two parts, but failed to link them which was a shame. Also started on a new project on some little green holdes - need courage to pop for the next hand hold despite the slimy left foot I'm balancing on.

Friday 1 August

Saturday 2 August
Walking down the Strid, near Bolton Abbey. Rainy

Sunday 3 August
Climbing in Yorks, Colsterdate. Great views. Problems felt hard for the grade. Blame the heat.

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